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Websites promote you 24/7, no employee will do that.

Paul Cookson

Web Design & Build

We offer 3 different web design packages ranging from simple 1-4 pages or very complex 15+ pages running multiple programs with custom and complex coding. We are SquareSpace Circle members and also own a lifetime license to Divi through elegant themes, which runs off of WordPress. If you’re interested in more or have questions please book a time with us!

Web Management

We love to do blog posts, update and upkeep online stores, update websites so they are current, and so much more! With our Web Design & Build packages we offer our clients and exclusive promo for bundling Web Management. Even if we didn’t build your website, we have many sites that we upkeep and tweak for clients and we put just as much love into them as we do our own.


Having a beautiful website is only half the battle. Maybe you’re familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and maybe you know nothing about it. We always educate our clients on this important part of a website and offer education on how to incorporate it. Some of you just want it done though, and we get that! So we offer an SEO package to help your site get noticed!

I Want to Know More!

Paying for someone to design and build your website can be terrifying! I get it, that’s why I’m more than happy to discuss with you my signature 6-step process. We keep communication with you the whole time, AND you will ALWAYS have access to your project and mock-ups! If you’re nervous, have a chat with me and see if our visions align. If you want to know how detailed we get, check out our web intake form.



Step 1:

Information Gathering

During this step, we sit down with you over the course of a few meetings to establish the purpose and feel of your site, gather any pre-existing copy, define your audience and use a purpose driven technique to connect them to the plan forming.



Step 2:


We begin to build your site map and create a guide for content. This guide includes your main topic and sub-topic areas. While putting all of this together and creating visuals, we make sure to keep your audience and avatar in mind. We also ensure a good user interface is being planned out and begin talking about what tech should be implemented.



Step 3:


This is the phase all our clients get really excited in! Once we’ve nailed down the look and feel of the website and who it’s aimed at, we start to incorporate branding. Everything starts to get tweaked and come together. Our clients have full access to watch this process so that they can join us in our excitement as the site starts to feel real.



Step 4:


Now that your homepage and shell pages are created we begin to duplicate our agreed upon template and make the changes nessecary to create additional pages. We take the content provided and created from steps 1 through 3 and distribute it appropriatley throught the site. This is also where we make elements such as e-commerce stores funtional.



Step 5:

Testing & Delivery

We thoroughly test each site in different browsers on different systems. We ensure every form, link and button does what it’s designed to do. We make sure everything looks great and is funtional and user friendly across different mobile devices. It’s important that your code is checked now, because valid code means your site meets current development standards.¬†



Step 6:


This can be done by us, or by you! This is where we bring repeat visitors by offering new content/ product on a regular basis. We update information on a regular basis and make nessecary changes and additions.

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