Virtual Assistant

“You can do anything, but not everything.”

David Allen


Everything from booking your meetings and managing your calendar to researching products or articles for you. We even can find the perfect restaurant for you to meet that picky client at! Having a virtual assistant can take the stress off of you and free your time so you can do what truly matters to you in your business instead of all the tiny things that take forever.


Sometimes we hear this job titled “The colon cleanser”. Copyrighting can be painstakingly slow, and it always requires at least 3 sets of eyes. We have experience in helping with manuscripts, pitching to publishing companies, writing social media and ad text copy, as well as blog writing. Copywriting requires is like writing that perfect essay that is an easy read from start to finish.


Research can take a long time, time that a business owner could use concentrating on their passion! We research products, digital platforms, things that can help your business, and sometimes even people. Don’t worry, all for good things of course. Since many of our clients need similar things, plenty of that research is all done and just waiting for you to come along and use it.


You might think I’m being redundant, but trust me, there is a BIG difference between a general assistant and an exec assistant. I know, because I even have a virtual assistant! An exec assistant knows your business and YOU through and through. They are basically a second you, speaking on your behalf, helping make major decisions, and giving you a listening ear when you need to flush out an idea, or just rant!

I Want to Know More!

Paying for someone to help in your business can be terrifying! I get it, that's why I'm more than happy to discuss every detail with you. We've worked with many different client types and business types, and we have experienced communications techniques. If you're nervous, have a chat with me and see if our visions align.

No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another.

-Joseph Addison

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