Meet the Team!

Tifanee Wik

Tifanee Wik

Chief Amazement Officer & Crayon Evangelist

Yes, you read that title right. I’m Tifanee, I LOVE to create new things. I’ve been helping entrepreneurs in their businesses since 2014. The way I help has definitely evolved over the years, but the why has stayed the same. I have a passion for business, just like you! That’s right, you’re not the only one who secretly researches for their business under the covers at night. I really hope that’s not just me anyway….On more of a personal side, I am the “right brained” part of this business. I love drawing, playing piano, dancing and wine. I have three kids, two of whom are special needs, so you may find our business speaking about causes related to that because it’s close to our hearts. Or you may just find a ton of photos of my beautiful redbone hound. I’ve owned Beautiful Business Management since its founding in 2019. I love each and every single one of our clients, and I love meeting new female entrepreneurs. I highly do believe that we all rise with the tide.

Reichel Laprise

Reichel Laprise

Chief Disruptor & Arts & Crafts Director

If you’re jealous because I get to be an Arts & Crafts Director for my job, don’t worry I would be too. I’m Reichel, pronounced Rachel, not Rykel. I’ve been in management for the past 12 years and I’ll admit, I’m good at it. I love bringing colour to pretty much everything in business and life, but I also love changing things to find out which way is going to perform best! I’m the “left brained” part of our business, I run filing, organization, planning and everything that comes with it. I LOVE email gate keeping and helping female entrepreneurs, that are also mothers, is close to my heart. I’ve been with Beautiful Business Management since it’s fouding, and I’ve had the opportunity to watch it grow and evolve along with our clients businesses. A little more about me personally, my husband, mom and brother all own businesses as well! I have 4 kids and love telling them to go bother their dad while I work, HA! 


Tonya Coubray

Tonya Coubray

Dream Alchemist & Ninjaneer

I’ve always wanted to be a ninja… but, when I tried out nunchucks it didn’t end well for me. So, instead I went to school for website design & ecommerce, art, computer sciences…and the list goes on. I was looking for a place I could fulfill my ninja status, I finally have! I’ve been running my own business for over 2 years, I was actully a client before the team begged me to join.  After months of begging, I did. I love web design, everything art, perfecting business flow, and customizing ninja moves for businesses. I do that through, social media, graphic design and coming up with unique solutions to problems many women have in business. I’m a mom of one crazy ninja in training and a lover of one cat (who stole an airpod) that I love. I am the oldest of way too many siblings, so I also have amazing alchemist powers. 


Sabrina Spears

Sabrina Spears

Organizer of Random Thoughts & Erratic Behaviour

Well, with these three, someone had to come in and keep the chaos under control! That’s when I entered the picture. I handle everything from managing Tifanee’s calendars (that’s right there are way more than one!) to putting information into documents to share with Beautiful Business Management organization and sometimes clients. I specialize in keeping the random thoughts and ideas this team has organized and easy to find, while keeping them in line (to be honest, someone needed to do it). I help out with the little things that help make a business absolutley perfect. My type A personality is in love with this! I can look at a hot mess and turn it into a beautiful perfection. Personally, I’m in love with my loyal beasts (dogs) and my gorgeous daughter.



Can I hire you for more than one service?

Of course! Our goal is to help women in business. This includes doing whatever we can to help! Even if we aren't familiar with the platform or tools you use, we will always educate ourselves to work with a female business owner and support her.

I've had a bad experience, can I trust you?

Seriously! This is something EVERY SINGLE ONE of our current clients has had to ask me. It really dissapoints me and frankly makes me very irritated (not a strong enough word). I really can't believe the amount of horror stories I have heard. While obviously I can't portray massive amounts of trust over a typed paragraph, I'm a person of morals and high standards. If my client wasn't happy with me, I would hope we had a close enough relationship that I would know because we would be in communication. I also, like you, have no desire to work with someone who isn't happy with my work. If you've been burned by someone online claiming to be a web designer or marketer, please reach out to us! We are the real deal, here to help you succeed, because truly, our clients success is ours.  

Can I cancel at anytime?

You most definitley can! We only ask for 14 days notice. While our clients pay on the first of each month, if you aren't happy with our service, or you have another appropriate reason for cancelling service, we will always pro-rate you if you are midway through the month. 

I have a hard time letting go of things, how do you make that work?

Ya, tell me about it! Don't we all have that issue as business owners? It gets to the point where you're jsut like, "I can't keep up with this anymore, I have no idea what I'm doing and everything I try doesn't work!" But it's still hard to give it up, because your business is YOU. That's why we walk our clients through things with a TON of communication. We are understanding and respect boundaries, while still getting it done for you! Within a pretty quick amount of time, all our clients let go easily because they see results and it puts them at ease.

More questions?

Just send an eamil or book a free consult and ask away! I love answering questions for women and providing any education I can. Whether you go with us or not, we're more than happy to answer questions.

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